The documentaries “Blackfish”, “The Cove” and “Blood Dolphin$” show that keeping dolphins and Orca's in captivity is unethical and cruel. Ripping them from their families that they would normally grow up with, depriving them of the freedom of the open ocean and instead, confining them to small, concrete tanks to perform tricks for dead fish is a death sentence for these mammals. No matter how sophisticated the enclosure, no man made facility can ever hope to replicate the wild world of dolphins.

Please help today by TAKING THE PLEDGE NOT TO BUY A TICKET to captive dolphin shows and  swim with dolphin programs.  Share your pledge on social media and encourage others to join you!.

SIGN EVERY PETITION YOU CAN.  Did you know just by signing your name you could help save dolphins?

FOLLOW THIS LINK to the 'TakeAction' page on Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project website and learn more about what you can do: